Everything you wanted to know about becoming a cricket official, but were afraid to ask…

What Do I Need To Do If I Want To Become A Cricket Official?

The team of cricket officials is an integral part of any cricket match. There is always a demand for more officials.  Having well trained officials helps play run smoothly and everyone benefits; players, spectators, supporters and the game in general. It is a great way for anyone to get involved in cricket at any level.

To officiate at a cricket match, it would be preferable for you to have undertaken some form of training beforehand.

Recognised training is provided through England & Wales Cricket Board Association of Cricket Officials (ECB ACO) and is usually available locally.

All the courses mentioned can be accessed or booked through the appropriate link at the bottom of the page.


Getting started

There are online courses for umpires and scorers; Basics of Umpiring and Basics of Scoring. The courses are aimed at anyone who is thinking about officiating and are free.

If online training is not to your liking, ECB ACO offer face to face Introductory courses for Umpires and Scorers. These are available at various venues throughout the country and are led by trained tutors.

Norfolk ACO (NACO) aims to deliver a Scorers Introductory course every year, usually between January and March. There is a nominal charge for these courses which is payable on the day.

NACO does not currently run an annual Umpires Introductory course but a course can, by arrangement, be organised for a group of individuals.  (See Groups below). 

Officiating At Club Level

If you are thinking about getting more experience by officiating a whole match at club level; It’s Your Call Stage 1 Umpire Training and Club Scorer courses provide the training you need to run the game.

It’s Your Call Stage 1 Umpire Training is available both online and face to face.

The online course is free.

NACO aims to run a face to face It’s Your Call Stage 1 Umpire Training course every year.  It takes around 10 hours to complete and is usually held over two consecutive Sundays in the Spring.

NACO also aims to run the Club Scorer course every year. The course takes place over two days and builds on the knowledge gained from the Scorers Introductory course and scoring during a match.

There is a fee for the face to face courses, payable when booking.

All participants receive a kit bag which contains the course material, a copy of MCC Laws of Cricket pocket handbook and relevant stationery.

You will also be entitled to claim FREE first year membership of both the ECB ACO and NACO, currently worth £50 in total.


To Officiate at a Higher Level – Umpires

Anyone who aspires to officiate as an appointed, neutral umpire will need to attend an It’s Your Call Umpire Stage 2 training course.

Further training needed for higher levels of cricket is through It’s Your Call Umpire Stage 3.

NACO aims to run one of each of these courses every Spring. There is a charge for each course, payable on booking.



Details of all Norfolk ACO courses go onto the ECB ACO website once they are confirmed.

Other neighbouring Associations may also provide the courses.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please send your contact details to either education@norfolk-aco.org.uk (for umpire courses) or scorersofficer@norfolk-aco.org.uk (for scorer courses) and we will let you know when online booking is available for a local course.

Once you complete any of the courses, you will receive an emailed, printable certificate to acknowledge your participation.



NACO are also prepared to put together bespoke training courses for groups e.g. schools and colleges, cricket clubs, summer schools etc.

If you are interested in seeing what we can do for you, please email:

education@norfolk-aco.org.uk for umpiring courses,


scorersofficer@norfolk-aco.org.uk for scoring courses.

Links to training courses Please click to get started